WildStar Story line; thoughts on questing

When I play MMORPGs, I usually like to blow through the quests and sometimes I do not spend enough time paying attention to the story. I tried to slow down a little bit in WildStar, however, and take notice of some of the story. I like the comedy in WildStar; it is fun to play a game that is silly.

One of the silly characters (NPCs) I met is Mondo Zax. One of the first things he said to me was, “Until Mondo invent time machine… do not waste time!” I thought Mondo was pretty funny! I enjoy the dialogue in this game.

I also enjoyed talking to Clanlord Makaza; he’s a pretty tough guy, but I earned his respect by taking care of the local riff-raff, fighting off some crazy animals, and other such things which required my particular set of skills (i.e. questing). I also built up my reputation with Makaza and his fine city by using my skills as a Settler and adding features that make life easier.

Clanlord Makaza
Clanlord Makaza

Overall, I have to say WildStar has been super fun so far! The story is great and the comedy is hilarious! The quests have been super fun and I enjoy being a Settler. I also figured out Professions… I picked Tailor so I can make gear for myself (I am a Spellslinger). Hopefully one day I will be able to tailor gear that is useful for the endgame content. Fun times ahead!


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