I found an awesome looking place called Aurin today. Somehow, a dense, beautiful forest has appeared in the middle of a savannah! The forest is surrounded by clouds and lightning, and the forest is protected by dark creatures.

This image is 1920×1080. Click the image if you want to download it to use as a desktop wallpaper.
Another screenshot from Aurin.

UPDATE: I figured out how they were turning my nice savannah into a magical forest; this nasty group of Eldan (species indigenous to Nexus) decided they wanted to turn my savannah into a forest, so I put a stop to it by deactivating their teraformer (see below). I do not care if the Eldan were here before or not; Nexus is the birthright of the Dominion!

The Eldan teraformer which I deactivated.

Speaking of Eldan… Supposedly the story is the Eldan were here thousands of years ago and they invented the Mechari (which is just robots made to look/act like people). The story of the Eldan reminds me strongly of Battlestar: Galactica; humans created Cylons, Cylons rebel and fight back, humans have to leave their planet, etc. Anywho, very exciting stuff!


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